Rocket Fuel for Careers: The Book


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Research shows that mastering non-technical skills accounts for between 65% and 80% of high-performing individuals’ success. In other words, the secret to the success of the most high-performing individuals across the globe is that they invest not only in their technical capabilities but also extensively in their interpersonal and non-technical skills.

This book is a summary of those specific non-technical, interpersonal, or life skills that I have learned makes the difference between success and failure in careers and lives. I have experienced them at the multi-billion dollar Fortune 15 organizations that I’ve worked as much as I did at the smallest organizations. 

Not only have I experienced this in my own career, but I have also coached many individuals and organizations from struggling performance into high performance using these exact same principles, mindsets, techniques, skills, and character traits.

For the price of a cup of coffee and a doughnut, you can benefit from the decades of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars I paid to the school of hard knocks. I wrote this book as a way to give back to the world what it has given me in experience.  Enjoy!

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Rocket Fuel for Careers
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