Table of Contents
Receptiveness:  The Spark that Lights the Fuel.
Perspective: Outlook determines Outcome
Recognition:Awareness Creates Transformation
Emotional Intelligence:  The Career Iceberg
Authenticity: The Courage to be Real
Laser Focus: Accomplish more by doing less
Multiplying Impact: Authentic Networking
Beating Fear: Getting out of your own way
Winning Failure: Successfully Failing Forward
Tenacity Power: The Toughness to Succeed
Servant Leadership: The Power of Selfless Action
Power Up! Lift off!  Bringing it all together

Working Softer, Not Harder !

Research shows that the most successful individuals share one common trait:

Soft Skill Excellence

In fact between 65% and 80% of their success is due to their non-technical abilities.

The secret to the success of the top performers in the world is that they invest intentionally and extensively in their interpersonal and non-technical skills.


Rocket Fuel for Careers reveals the eye-opening secrets to these life skills mastered by the globe’s top performers on their way to success.


I have experienced these principles at work in multi-billion dollar Fortune 20 organizations as much as I did at the smallest mom-and-pops and I have coached many individuals from struggling through their careers to high performance and fulfillment using these exact same principles, mindsets, techniques, and skills.

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What you should expect to gain from reading this book:

– The ability to understand others and “read their subtext”

– Growing your network without selling your soul

– Faster growth and more fulfillment from your career

– Becoming a powerhouse at overcoming adversity

– Having the maximum impact on every person you touch

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For the price of a cup of coffee and a doughnut, you can immerse yourself in 30+ years of insights and hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of coaching. Rocket Fuel for Careers gives you the secrets to the mind-blowing principles that can propel your professional life to a whole new dimension.

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Rocket Fuel for Careers
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