Why Career Coaching?

Have you ever wondered why some individuals get stuck in career frustration and live their life hating their jobs?  Why some careers take off like a rocket and others just never get off the ground? Why some keep accelerating and others fizzle out and come crashing back to earth?

In short:  Top notch coaches and the mastery of career-life fundamentals.

Let me ask you two questions:

  1. Why do 99% of successful sports teams or individuals have a coach?
  2. What is one thing any coach would get you to master before anything else?

Here’s the bottom line:

  1. You can only get so far on your own. To really excel at anything, you need training and good coaching. Why?
    • Perspective:  By yourself, you can easily get tunnel vision. A coach will give you different perspectives and broaden your view. A good coach can see through the smoke to where the real fire is.
    • Accountability: We tend to give ourselves a break when we’re alone. A good coach will hold you accountable and inspire you to go further and accomplish more than you would ever be able to alone.
    • Inspiration: By yourself, it’s easy to become deflated, demoralized and negative when the going gets tough. The best coaches can light “the fire in your belly” again, inspiring you to keep going. They can re-energize you and light the Rocket Fuel that keeps you fired up and accelerating.
  2. Just like there are laws of physics that govern the natural world, there are foundational career-life skills that govern your career and life success.   This is the answer to my second question above. A great coach would ensure that you master the fundamentals first, because without it, you’re just building on a weak foundation and success is questionable. Do you know what these skills are?  Have you mastered them?

By learning and applying the life skills on this site, or by working with me as a coach, you too can become a successful “Career-Rocketeer”; not only accomplishing career success but also attaining the life-altering job satisfaction and career fulfillment we all strive for.

Is it worth it?

That’s for you to decide, but here are some facts.

  • A 2010 HDA Executive Coaching Survey showed that 97% of organizations believe that coaching has a positive impact on business performance.
  • A global study on coaching services showed that executives from Fortune 100 companies who had participated in coaching for at least 6 months, demonstrated an average 6x return on investment.

Sounds great, so now what?

Life is all about options and choices. So here’s what you can do now.

  1. You can decide that you’re doing great on your own and don’t need any help. If that’s you, I truly wish you nothing but great things in your future endeavors. No hard feelings. Coaching is not for everyone.
  2. You’d like to learn more about me to make sure I’m legit. You gotta love the internet. Anyone can post anything these days, right?
  3. You’d like to see some samples of my work, my thoughts, and my perspectives. Jump over to my blog, my Facebook page or my Google “Rocket Fuel for Careers Cincinnati” to see my Google My Business page.
  4. You’ve seen enough, you’re ready to light that Rocket and get going! Check out my “Coach with me” page and sign up for a free mini session. If you’re around Cincinnati, I’d love to meet you and hear your story.

Thank you for visiting my site.   Let’s ROCK this day!


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